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MoziGo: Mozilla Internet Go Client

After looking around on MozDev for a while, I stumbled across MudZilla; a mozilla based telnet client, which has since transformed into MOOzilla . At the time, I was getting into Go and playing a few games on Yahoo!, IGS and NNGS and decided that I wanted to make my own client. Not knowing where to start, exactly, I decided to use MOOzilla as my catalyst.

MoziGo is the result of hacking the MOOzilla telnet code so that it could be used as an Internet Go Server client. It's still in the alpha stages and as of yet doesn't do much, but it's getting there. Hopefully I'll have a working version in a few months (if not more).

Roger Raymond

Want to know more?
No Name Go Server
Internet Go Server
Tel's Go Notes

Want to play?
Yahoo! Games
There are other online places to play as well. Just do some searching :)

Added source to CVS

Work is now being done on the files in CVS. The most recent files should be available.
Wanna Help?

Anyone interested in helping out please contact roger at

The mozigo project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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